Negotiating Committee

This shall be a special ad hoc committee established at least six (6) months prior to the expiry of the Local’s collective agreement and automatically disbanded when a new collective agreement has been signed. The function of the Committee is to prepare collective bargaining proposals and to negotiate a collective agreement. The Committee shall consist of three (3) to four (4) members, depending on each respective unit’s collective agreement, all members of the Executive Board. Should there be insufficient members of the Executive Board to fill these positions, the remaining members shall be elected from the membership providing they meet the attendance qualifications as set out in Article 13(a) of the Local’s By-laws. The CUPE Representative assigned to the Local shall be a non-voting member of the Committee and shall be consulted at all stages from formulating proposals, through negotiations, to contract ratification by the membership.

Expenses for negotiating meetings shall be in accordance with Article 13 (d) and (e) of the Local’s By-laws. In place of the allowance paid to members of the negotiating committee the committee may claim reasonable meal expenses upon presentation of an appropriate receipt.


Wellness Committee

This Committee may:

  • Visit members who are ill or send the member a card.
  • If a member is ill for more than a week, will send a token expressing the Local’s concern, up to a maximum of $50.00, and desire to help, whether the member is at home or in the hospital once per sick leave.  A monetary token of the Local’s concern will be issued only once a year per member.
  • May arrange for blood donors to replace blood or plasma required by a member or one of their immediate family.
  • Ensure that members who retire receive a gift for their years of service. The amount of $10.00 will be contributed for each year of service in the Local. Additionally, our Union will match the monetary denomination in the form of a gift up to the maximum dollar amount for each year of service to the Local.
  • Extend the Local’s condolences in the event of the death of a member or one (1) of their immediate family members and make other appropriate gestures in accordance with custom or the wishes of the family concerned (see list below for guidance).
  • The Committee shall comprise between one (1) and three (3) members and may appoint a Secretary-Treasurer from among its members. It shall be reimbursed by the Executive Board for expenses incurred in the performance of its duties.


A card will be sent in the event of a death in the family regardless of family status.

  • Members
    • Maximum of $100.00 for a member in good standing.
    • Maximum of $50.00 for a retired member.
  • Member’s Family
    • Maximum of $60.00 for a member’s spouse (including common-law or same sex partner), child, step-child and legal dependent, parent, step-parent or legal guardian, and sibling.
    • Maximum of $40.00 for a member’s father-in-law and mother-in-law.
    • Maximum of $30.00 for a member’s sister-in-law, brother-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, step-brother, step-sister, grandparents and grandchildren.

Birth or Adoption:

A gift certificate of $25 for each child, per family, born or adopted by a member.


Social Committee

It is the function of this Committee to arrange and conduct all social and recreational activities of the Local either on the Committee’s own initiative or as a result of decisions taken at membership meetings. The Committee shall submit reports and proposals to the Executive Board or to the membership as required. All social and recreational events and activities shall be self-supporting with the exception of the Kids Christmas Parties.  The Local will pay 1/3 of the cost for the venue for the City members (this is split 3 ways with Local 241 and NUME) and as the County has chosen to have a party on its own the County Social Committee will pay for its venue.  Our Local will pay for the gifts, food and any Committee expenses for the calendar year only applicable to the Kids Christmas Party event.

The Local will provide all the gifts for children attending these parties ages 0 – 12 up to a maximum of $40.00 each (including tax).

The Executive Board shall be held responsible for the proper and effective functioning of this Committee. The Committee shall comprise between one (1) and three (3) members and may appoint a secretary-treasurer from among its members.